COVID-19 Workplace Risk Assessments

In order to help employees work safely, employers need to perform a comprehensive risk assessment. Risk-assessment tools can be used throughout an organisation and can allow for managers to identify security risks and workplace risk factors more effectively. There are a number of reasons why workplace risk assessments may be necessary.

Every day, workplace employees are exposed to workplace risks. These can range from the typical hazards of working with heavy equipment or dangerous chemicals to more unpredictable threats such as terrorist attacks, cyber threats and weather-related events. The earlier that workplaces are able to identify these risks, the easier it will be for managers to create workplace plans that minimise injuries.

Risk assessments are critical to help identify security risks in an organisation’s facilities and operations, but they are also helpful when it comes to identifying the kind of equipment, technology and staffing needed to protect employees at all levels. The more information a company has about workplace hazards, the better equipped they will be to protect their employees.

For many companies, this additional layer of risk assessment and security has become a part of everyday business operations.

In an era where natural disasters can cause widespread damage to communities and terrorist events have become more common, it is important that companies take advantage of workplace risk management tools. The return on investment for these programs can be significant, but they also play a critical role in protecting the health and safety of employees.