5 Things You Need To Know About Developing A Safety Program

A successful safety program is an intricate system full of OSHA requirements, regulations, policies, training, company-specific information and hard work! Safety leaders have a common goal of keeping everyone in their workplace safe while on the job. It seems simple, right? A lot more goes into developing a safety program than you may think. Where should you start? What information do you need to be successful? In this webinar, we will be digging into whether OSHA covers your business, how you can set realistic and attainable goals for your program, and you will receive a Free Guide to help you start!

1. Helpful tips on where to begin in setting up or improving your company’s safety program.
2. How to determine what OSHA laws are applicable.
3. How to set up realistic expectations & goals.
4. What Safety & Health Training is needed?
5. What does maintaining a safety program look like?